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Christmas Fuddle and Committee Meeting on Wednesday 14th. December from 7.00pm to 10.00pm at Wadsworth Community Centre



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Wadsworth Environment Group Activities in 2011


2011 has been another busy year for the group. Alongside our routine activities of collecting litter and managing wildlife habitats etc., we have completed two significant projects; the creation of a freshwater pond for endangered species, and the establishment of two honeybee colonies.



Weg Pond

Freshwater Pond


The inspiration for this project came from the Million Ponds Project. This is a national project designed to encourage groups all over the country to make ponds for endangered freshwater plants and animals.


As you can imagine, creating a pond in this age of “health and safety” presents many  challenges! Undaunted by this, the group obtained agreement from Wadsworth Parish Council to lease a small area of land at Pecket Well, and during the summer some of the fitter members of the group excavated a sizeable whole for the pond and erected a boundary fence. A critical element of the pond was to ensure that it was filled with clean water. This we were able to do by sourcing the water from a natural spring that is fed by moorland run-off. All we have to do now is monitor and record the species of aquatic life and flora that naturally colonise the water and its fringes over the coming months and years.


Weg Bees


What started as a germ of an idea raised at a meeting in September 2010 is now a reality. With the help of grants from two local businesses, we have built an apiary from scratch, procured all the necessary equipment to construct two hives, and most importantly, procured and managed two colonies of bees for a whole season.

Approx 15 members of WEG initially joined the “Bee Group” and five of us attended a beginners course in Hebden Bridge that was provided by the Halifax and District Beekeeping Association (HBKA) at the beginning of the year. This gave us a good start, but we have still  had many traumas along the way. These have included bees in boots, bees in hair, bees inside bee suits, suspected bee diseases, and even queens disappearing. However, when it came to September and we were able to harvest 30 jars of honey made by our own bees from plants and flowers in Wadsworth, it all seemed (and tasted) worthwhile.

Hopefully, we have now done all the right things to enable the bees to survive the winter so that next year they can go about their business of pollinating all our flowers, fruits and vegetable again. 

If you think you would like to get involved and help us keep our bees next year, or you would just like to come and have a look at them, please give me a ring in March / April time.

David Holmes

Wadsworth Environment Group (Chaiman

Weg Honey